with Dave Murray-Rust, Ella Tallyn and Evan Morgan; for Design Informatics


GeoPact is a physical toolkit for prototyping and roleplaying blockchain-backed services for the transport and logistics sector. What is a smart contract? What would a delivery service look like if it used smart contracts? How would this change the lived experiences of couriers and clients? GeoPact seeks to answer these questions in a fun and engaging way.

The system was used to facilitate a number of research projects at the University of Edinburgh.

It was also presented to the public at: Tate Exchange (London); the University of Warwick (Coventry); and the Scottish Parliament Building (Edinburgh).

Read more about GeoPact on the Design Informatics website.

Geopact was funded by Interreg North Sea Region, EPSRC, PETRAS, and SEStran.

Graphic identity by Peak15.

A GeoPact smart lockbox. The box locks and unlocks when it is in certain locations, or near other smart objects.

A GeoPact smart lockbox in an aesthetic white void, with hand for scale.

A courier and receptionist exchange a GeoPact lockbox.

A courier encounters a lockbox at an autonomous GeoPact hub.

A courier drops off a lockbox at an external hub.

A family plays with GeoPact the Tate Exchange.

A participant is rewarded for completing the Tate Exchange contract.

A diagram of how the GeoPact system works.