Memento Cosmos

Two curious pet robots find themselves imbued with cosmic knowledge via wireless connections to NASA’s near Earth object database, NeoWs.


Attuned to the position of near Earth meteors and comets (NEOs), they act as an interface between the domestic and the interplanetary. Through this connection, their odd behaviours become a memento cosmos for their human companion.


(Left) Rex, (Right) Rover:

Rover navigates around the home using its array of ultrasonic sensors, becoming increasingly excited as NEOs make their close approach. When NEOs are deemed potentially hazardous, the robot becomes spooked, darting under nearby pieces of furniture to take cover until the danger has passed.

Rex is more pensive and stoic, obsessively comparing the orbit time of NEOs against the average lifespan of a human. It begins to weep when it calculates that its human companion is unlikely to live long enough to see the return of the celestial body, only able to be calmed by a gentle embrace.

The NeoWs API is maintained by SpaceRocks Team: David Greenfield, Arezu Sarvestani, Jason English and Peter Baunach.

© 2018 Joseph Revans