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About Me


I am an early career designer and artist on the brink of graduating from Product Design BA (Hons) at the University of Edinburgh. My work explores the relationship between emerging technologies and culture. I am currently interested in the design of autonomous agents - delving into the worlds of biodesign and robotics.


I have had the honour to present my work in Edinburgh and beyond. Venues include the Talbot Rice Gallery (Edinburgh), the MoMA and the School of Visual Arts (New York City), and Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven).




instagram: @josephrevans




Product Design BA (Hons)

University of Edinburgh

2015 - 2018


Art and Design Foundation

Warwickshire College of Art

2014 - 2015




Biodesign Course Assistant

University of Edinburgh

January - May 2018

I assisted Dr Naomi Nakayama and Dr Larissa Pschetz in running the Biodesign course at the University of Edinburgh. I gave feedback and tutorials to students over the semester and introduced students to speculative design through a crash-course workshop.


Biodesign for Social Impact Workshop

Ongoing group project

From October 2017

Working in collaboration with Eva Auer and Sean Greaves, I designed and delivered a workshop which facilitates participants to explore the social and political impact of synthetic biology. The workshop has been presented at Dutch Design Week, TU Delft, and the University of Edinburgh.


iGem Summer Internship

University of Edinburgh

June - August 2017

As part of an interdisciplinary student team, I took part in the international genetically engineered machine competition (iGEM). I helped develop and build a microfluidic device, constructed open source hardware, and produced graphics for print and web. The project was awarded a gold medal at the iGEM jamboree.


Selected Shows


Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland

02/06/18 - 10/06/18


Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

26/05/18 - 23/06/18


Biodesign for Social Impact @ TU Delft

IDE Academy, Delft, The Netherlands



Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland

05/12/17 - 08/12/17


The Student Hotel, Eindhoven, The Netherlands



School of Visual Arts, New York City, USA

22/06/17 - 26/06/17


MoMA, New York City, USA

22/06/17 - 26/06/17


Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland

24/04/17 - 28/04/17


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